Disruption of communications services


How to be prepared for the disruption of communications services

  • Find out which home appliances depend on electricity and data communication (TV, radio, WiFi router, fixed-line phone, etc.).
  • In a specific place, write down the phone numbers of the most important people with whom you may need to communicate in a crisis situation (family members, relatives, neighbours, rescue and information lines). Contacts in your mobile phone will not be accessible once the battery has drained.
  • Get yourself some energy sources that can be used to keep different devices running, such as batteries, accumulators, power banks, power banks running on a solar battery, cranked dynamo or get a radio with batteries or an accumulator.
  • In addition to home Internet that is dependent on electricity, get mobile Internet for your smart device.
  • Keep an emergency supply of cash at home.
  • Determine the nearest places that you can go to call for help in the event of a disruption to communications: rescue brigade, police department, ambulance, hospital, etc.

Worth knowing

  • Generally, different home communications services (Internet, TV) depend on the same communications links and cables and service providers. This means that you must be ready for simultaneous disruption of fixed-line phone connection, Internet and television.
  • In case of power outage, the fixed-line phone will also stop operating. In the event of an extensive power outage, mobile service may be lost within a matter of hours. For the more long-term preservation of communication, the mobile Internet could be switched
  • In the event of the disruption of data communication, bankcard payment and services that require you to identify yourself electronically with an ID-card may also be disrupted.
  • If the disruption of communications does not include all mobile operators, the phone will automatically use the network of other mobile operators when dialling the emergency line 112.

How to act in the event of a disruption to communications services

  • In the event of an extensive power outage or disruption to the mobile Internet service, do not make any unnecessary calls or overload the devices. Communicate only if it’s an emergency.
  • Switch off smart device functions that drain the battery (Wi-Fi network, mobile Internet, applications, screen brightness, volume, etc.).
  • Listen to the news on the radio at the top of every hour.
  • Consider whether your relatives or acquaintances need help in a crisis situation and reach an agreement on how to maintain contact.
  • To call for help during a disruption of communications, either go yourself or send someone to your nearest rescue brigade, police department, ambulance or hospital.

Solutions for disruption of communications services

  • Power bank for mobile phone
  • Direct communication with neighbours
  • Mobile internet (works as long as the backup supply for the communications network operates and your smart device’s batteries run). NOTE! In the event of an extensive power outage, mobile Internet service may be switched off in order to preserve the service of mobile phone calls.
  • Public WiFi networks or Internet cafes
  • A radio independent of the power supply (batteries, dynamo or solar battery)
  • Radio with antenna
  • Car radio
  • Indoor or roof antenna for watching broadcast channels