Special webpage kriis.ee opened during the emergency situation provides instructions concerning the restrictions related to the corona virus.

You can also get information from the state helpline 1247.

The homepage of the Health Board provides the most accurate information about the prevention, treatment and spread of the corona virus.


  • Each country does everything within its power to prevent crisis situations. However, not all crises can be completely prevented. Accidents happen even in the safest countries, and Estonia is no exception. In an open world we are influenced not only by local events, but also by what is happening in neighbouring countries and in the world at large.
  • You can find codes of conduct which will help you prepare for different crisis situations and protect yourself, your close ones and your property during crises on the Internet at olevalmis.ee, in the code of conduct app ‘Ole valmis!’ (‘Be Prepared!’) and in libraries all over Estonia.

Download the Code of Conduct as a PDF document from HERE.

By the end of 2020 the new version of the Code of Conduct will reach every household in Estonia. Download the latest version from HERE.